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The Consequences of Mandates

I want to say thank you to all the members of the public who showed their support for ensuring the Lewiston City Council did not pass a Mask Mandate on September 27th. There are many reasons to oppose mandates,. The unsettled nature of the science on how much of a difference masks make in terms of spread, the Orwellian consequences of allowing a government to dictate what we must do or lose our ability to support ourselves and our families. and the awkward position it puts on our community businesses and organizations.

It is to the last point I want this article to speak about. It is no secret by now I run a community organization in our city. In the absence of settled science or guidance from leadership we have navigated the complexities of this pandemic on our own.

We did not need mandates dictated by elected officials to do this. We did it for the healthy and safety of our staff, volunteers and those we serve, by simply using common sense. We did not need bureaucratic, nonsense red - tape to dictate to us how we should act and behave.

The same could be said for many in the community. If people want to ensure the comfort and safety of others and believe masks work or are warranted they voluntarily choose to wear a mask. If people believe getting the vaccine makes them or others safer they will choose to get the vaccine.

Let people choose! It is as simple as that.

Their are costs to mandates the community and businesses suffer that are and are not visible. The division it causes among the community as friends, neighbors and family members debate masks and vaccines. Honestly, I have first - hand experience with this where a friend told me she was "afraid of walking down the street," due to the divide.

For businesses and community organizations, we are the ones on the front lines dealing with angry customers, volunteers, families and more. Instead of simply being able to take common sense measures, we have to conform them to the demands of officials who have little idea of what we do let alone who we even are.

I am happy Lewiston can "hopefully" put the mask debate behind us. Of course, admittedly, I thought we had months ago.

Lewiston has so much we need to focus on. The affordability of our community with rising assessments and property taxes, homelessness, business development, revamping our zoning codes and ordinances to support our community businesses, and more. The list, honestly seems endless.

This is why I and many other candidates decided to run. Not just because of the mandates but the lack of discussion and action on the pressing needs of our community! After this November, we'll get to work.

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