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Response to Lewiston Tribune: July 25th

On July 25th, Lewiston Tribune editor M.T. penned a piece to argue there are not many Dan Johnsons - who by the way is running for an office only created by a change in government - as a reason we should not change our city government. I feel like it burned out a few of my synapses.

More seriously though, the author makes the exact case for why we need to have the ability to elect mayors. Having an individual with local knowledge and experiences in the community can only be a boon vs. an outsider. Expertise is only so great as your ability to use it and last I checked the city is meant to serve its citizens and not the other way around.

That is, unless the M.T. is saying our current city staff are not capable of getting a newly elected mayor up to speed. That would be news to them and the current city councilors who are almost unanimous in their opposition to the strong mayor system, considering they were brought up to speed by the very same city staff.

I trust the voters of Lewiston to see past strawman arguments like this and select a new course for Lewiston whether it be with Dan Johnson or somebody else at the helm. Because in truth, that is what these arguments are.

With so many cons to our current city government structure - a lack of direct accountability to the public, staff having all the knowledge and power, and the most powerful official in the city being unelected, it is not surprising to see these arguments raised in opposition to a change.

The barriers raised by our own City Council to such a change like requiring a run - off for mayor should tell us all we need to know. Those enmeshed in the system want to maintain their power and prevent reallocation of resources to other priorities.

This November we can change that!

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